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Wednesday Again ... Where Has Another Week Gone?

Another cold start ... so DJ was looking very fluffy when I brought him in!  I tied him up ... and although I couldn't get a picture without him using the post to scratch his chin .... Although Photobucket seems down, so I will upload and post later!

I then took him to his box, and got him groomed ... and tacked ... and then took his picture again ( as you can see here) ... as I finished, Toni had finished Junior and Ros arrived on her bike, ad we headed off.

It was a gorgeous day - cold, but clear and lovely for a longer ride ... although DJ was quite hot by the time we got back ... and 1 1/4 hours of riding ithout styrrups made my legs ache more than normal!  We went down to the Church and round the large block ... lovely!  Although I said I rode without styrrups, I will admit I cheated as qwe had a short canter along the verge - I knew DJ would be OK but Junior was having fun, and wondered which way she would leap next!

So, once back, I took another picture of DJ ... not quite for cute this time.

I let him stand and eat some hay while I had a coffee, played noughts and crosses with Toni's 3 year old grandchild ... and let DJ cool. 

He then had a feed and I took him back to his field, to Badger and Conrad ... and the large bale of hay that stands in the middle of their "home"

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