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DJ's Journal

Hi - Only my latest report on DJ !

As I drove to Welcome it was raining - but I refused to let that dampen my spirits ... and I was right, as it was brightening up when I got there.  However I then learnt that he had decided to make his own gateway between his 2 fields ... well, poor boy, he would have had to walk about 10 paces further to get to the actual opening!  So he wasn't in my friend's good books!

Oh well - it was too a nice a day to let that upset either of us!

I got him in, groomed him , tacked him up and then my friend and I headed out for another ride to discover this part of the countryside.

we had a great ride for about 2 hours - one amazing track took us down through a wood to a stream and back up again.  It was so pretty you could almost imagine fairies playing in the shadows.  I just wish it had been possible to photograph.  My friend was also excited as she saw great opertunities to "play" in the spring ... so I shall look forward to returning there.

We yet again had to get a tractor to move out of our way - but this time also a load of cattle who were just roaming around ... we didn't investigate too closely, but thought one might have been male!! ... No bull-fighting for us!

And so back home.  We met a neighbour and have arranged to meet up with her next week for a ride.

So great weather, great scenery, great company - A truly GREAT day to be alive.

After DJ had some time in a box to cool it was a feed, a carrot and back to his field to see what havoc he can cause until I next see him!
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