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Drabble MEME - Giles, The Watcher

Earlier in the week, I posted that I was doing the drabble meme, and one of the requests was for a Drabble about Giles, for alwaysjbj 

Here it is - set during season 4, "A New Moon" and is 100 words (if you don't count the title!) ... and is un-beta'd!!

Giles, The Watcher

Allowing the noise to fade, he realised how much his words were true.

“19, it’s hard to believe.”

When she was assigned to him he thought that his task would be hard and brutally short. Teaching her to use various weapons, and how to identify assorted demons.

Slowly he accepted her friends into his care, knowing that it made things easier for her, but so much harder for him.

Now he sits and faces his hardest task, to see her growing up and enjoying her life is wonderful, but it does mean that he is now watching from a distance

Tags: btvs, drabble, giles, meme, season 4, story
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