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The Point - Cardiff

I hate to have to write my first sentence, as I have just read bendy1's report - but I left Mum and Dad's at 12.45pm on the Saturday and was parked in Cardiff at about 3.15 - 134 miles later.  The journey was clear and dry - with the only problem is that "route-master" lost in on the outskirts of the city ... How are you meant to read the instructions, the road signs and drive when you are travelling by yourself??

Anyway I got to The Point and there was such a small queue - met up with some that I had met in London in May and we all started wondering whether James would be playing to a very small audience!!

When I had been there about an hour Steve and some of the other "lackies" arrived ... and then about 1/2 later we got to see James arrive ... looking really relaxed and happy.

A short time later Dan arrived - so it was good to see that James was having the same support act that he had at Union Chapel.

Then .... the Heavens opened!!  Yes - we had all been too positive about the weather - so then we all huddled under umbrellas, as people like myself hadn't brought one!!  As it was a standing venue, I didn't want to fight my camera and a brolly ... and the camera was essential.

We were eventually let in at about 6.45pm and I managed to stand behind a couple of people who were in wheelcahires - one of whom I had been sharing a brolley with earlier.

Dan came on at about 7.15 ... and sang some songs - he was saying that he couldn't sell any CD's as he now had a contract - so was pleased for him.

Then ... a  short gap ... and JAMES!!!

And - boy was he hot!

I know I absolutely love that guy - but he was amazing, and as you can see by the couple of pics, he was hot!!

I am no good at reports - you will have to look elsewhere for the details - he comes within a few feet of me and my brain turns to mush ... in the best possible way.

He sung a couple of songs that he had written while he has been over filming Torchwood, a few old favourites (including Patricia) - but neither of my 2 favourites - but who cares ... It was great.  I had an amazing time An hour of watching and listening to James - singing, and talking.  He had his guitar (which he described as his absolute best friend) damaged in transit ... and when he started it sounded like he was trying to blow up the amplifier ... But, as you can see the overall effect on me was ... 


Here are a couple of pictures - non-edited, as I have only just got in from Mum and Dad's ... I also have a lot on film which have to be developed - so hopefully will post again next week.

James finished by saying that he hoped to come back in October ... So does that mean more filming, as well.  Just hope that if he does he doesn't pick the weekend that my brother and sister-in-law are having their joint 40th birthday party ... or maybe I could just persuade them to hold the party in Cardiff!!!

Hate to finish by saying that I was back at Mum and Dad's by midnight!  .... 

But overall my day was just WOW!!!!
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