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Writer's Block: School Daze

Did you remain at the same school(s) or transfer to a number of different schools growing up? How did your early educational experiences impact your self-esteem and confidence?

Yes - before I was 11 I went to 5 schools!!!

Flintmountain Primary School, Flint, Wales
I went there for a term and a half - it was a bilingual school (although I never learnt much ... and have forgotten it all) and our teacher was in her 80s!!

Branfill Infants School, Upminster, Essex
I went here for the rest of that school year.  However the reading they were doing was in ITA and as they had no maths lessons, I had some during play time so I could maintain what I already knew!  So Mum and Dad sent me to a Private School -

Butts Green Infants School, Hornchurch, Essex
I was only here for 1 year as that is as old I you could be - but I have some good memories of this place - including a brilliant Easter Egg Hunt ... the only one I have ever been on.

Goodrington School, Hornchurch
... and another private school ... and huge happy memories.  I loved being here, but it was too expensive for Mum and dad to afford more than me, so at 9 I left to go to

Upminster Junior Schhol, Upminster
I have great memories of the education here - really good stuff, and 2 great teachers ... but this is where the bullying started ... and followed me to ..

The Cooper's Company and Coborn School, Upminster.
An amazing school with a livery company heritage.  Again, the education was brilliant - very stict uniform and attendance rules until I left at 18 ... but a brilliant place.   Just afetr we had all left, Tim and I went to St Paul's cathedral to attend the 450th anniversary celebrations.
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