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Full of Beans!

That is the only way to describe DJ today - and he isn't full of grass as he has been moved to a smaller area - and had apparantly spent yesterday playing ... and annoying ... and being chased by ... and generally having fun with Smudge.

I thought he would be exhausted, but instead he just was on his toes, wide awake and raring to go.

We met up with Ros and Cherry and went down through the woods - half way up on the return side there were some trees down - and although horses can jump the location made it impossible - so we had to turn around and go back.  So we were out for longer, but even so DJ came back hot, but still happy to keep on.

I washed him down and then put him in his box.  He was due to be groomed this afternoon, as Toni has 2 foreign students with her and DJ was being used as their demonstration model for grooming and naming the parts of a horse in English!
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