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Yes, just a real question without an answer .... and I know it, as I type!  I am hoping just typing will help me come to terms with the problem!

For years, froma  baby until a late teenager I was a head-banger ... to get me to sleep and while asleep.  Since then I have been aware occasionally of waking myself up.

Now, I am feeling more positive than ever - yes, things are upsidedown in my life, yet that isn't what's worrying me.

The last few weeks the head-banging has returned ... I wake in the night and can't get back to sleep ... and it is annoying me.

As fast as I try to put the reason behind me, the thoughts return.  There is no answer to the reason ... I know that, yet as soon as I stop thinking of other things, the images resurface.

So, I am annoyed ... and tired!

I suppose on a positive thought, it's a good thing I sleep alone!!!
Tags: head-banging
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