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What A Day!

... And LJ wouldn't even let me post anything last night to have a moan!

Oh well - my house still stinks - so I shall still scribble about my weird morning!

It started lazily as I wasn't riding - letting DJ and Smudge work out their differences. So I decided to have some toast - and get on with the day ... Great idea .... Not only dd I burn the toast - I burnt the toaster!! Fortunately it had been standing on the bread board, so there was no damage (as such) other than the smell!!

So - I decided that to try to speed away the smell - having opened every window in the house, that if I got on with the decorating in the bathroom which has been un-believable slow going (more due to laziness than anything else) then maybe one smell would counteract the other - Wrong ... the house still smells of both!! And to make matters worse the paint has dried to a different colour than the chart promised.

So as I say - what a day - However when I eventually got back onto LJ this morning, I was able to download some new icons that had been made for me by kekoah (As you can see by one of them I am using ion this post!) ... Yes ... so today started with James looking at me!!  ... Which means that today is already 100% better than yesterday!
Tags: bad day, icons

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