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All Change Today!

Yes - DJ had a busy day - but didn't go anywhere!!

When I got him in from his field this morning it was to find he had left his 2 back shoes somewhere in the field!!  His sense of timing is great though, as the farrier was coming to see him this morning.  I did try persuading Ian to knock something off the bill as DJ had done some of his work - but no such luck!!

Anyway 4 new shoes later he was fed and it was time to go back to his field - but he was going to a different field.  Toni's step-mum had ridden him on Saturday and although he had been a good boy it meant that Toni had seen him without tack and realised he was still putting on weight - so he is off to a smaller field - and with Smudge for company!  So, less food ... and more exercise, as they can try and chase each other round while they work out who the boss is!!

Dread to think what mood he will be in when I see him on Thursday!
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