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Belated Happy Christmas!

I had planned to post this greeting on the 25th, but I was going to scribble something about todays date ... so am combining the 2 into one post.

I hope that you all had a really special Christmas (holiday) time - able to spend it with family and friends... enjoying some quality time with them.  And for those who felt able to, as I did, to wish Jesus a Very Happy Birthday.

God gave his greatest gift to us, when He sent us His only son as a baby at Christmas.

Thank God for Christmas!


Although I was unable to type that on the 25th it is great I am able to type it today, as in 1975 today was a very special day for me - my baptism.

I was baptised by immersion, by Dad, at the Old Chapel, Upminster ..... for me it was confirmation of my faith in God and my belief in the birth, death and resurrection of His son (the baby in the picture), Jesus.  For me it is a personal relationship - and my baptism symbolised that.  It didn't give me any special privaledge ... just an afternoon when I could share my decision with my family and friends.

As it was Dad taking the service, I was allowed to choose the 4 hymns, and I decided on -

Oh Come All Ye Faithful - A well known and popular carol
Oh Jesus I have Promised To Serve Thee To The End - A hynmn of dedication that all the family had at their services.
Hark The Herald Angels Sing - My favorite carol
Oh The Bitter Shame And Sorrow - A lesser known hymn, but one about dedication and service.

A very special evening that I still am pleased to remember.


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