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Don't know if you noticed, with Christmas, but I have been MIA - again!  Yes, Ill again!

I told myself when I had the last dose of flu that I had been ill long enough and after 2 years that was going to be the final thing - I lied!

I was actually taken ill about 5pm Christmas Eve with a raging temperature - which lasted 24 hours ... but I still am not eating ... literally.  One slice of bread was a struggle to just eat for tea.

Still i was awake by Christmas Day lunch - so got up, had a thin slice of turkey ... and was up all afternoon so I could open pressies, and enjoy the day.  Afetr a tea of one stick of celery, it was back to bed.  Boxing Day was similar, so we ended up going to Tim and Claires a day late for our Boxing Day!

I drove there, and again had a minute lunch, then we had a walk and I went back for a snooze before one roll and then home ... and to bed.

Today I have actually felt a lot better in myself, but still can't eat, which I know I need!

Anyway, I have decided to take a week's holiday in Torquay, so anyone who was still waiting to hear if their cards got to me, I won't be back in Bude till next Monday.

If there is anything I have missed - could you link me back, please!


I must finish with a HUGE THANK YOU  [info]kudagirl you are the best ... what a lovely suprise, a Christmas biscuit that even I can enjoy.  Thank you. 


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