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Oh, What A Beautiful Morning!

... But still cold!  And, as it had rained overnight, DJ came in as dirty as ever - here he is in his box, having a small snack (He already had his carrot)


Then it was trying to get him groomed - hard when he is still damp.  But he enjoyed it - and of course is trying to teach me to scratch the bits he can't get at ... like under his chin - Sheer Bliss for a pampered pony!
Toni tacked up Junior - and first the first time she got to waer her new rubber shoes - these are so that she needn't wear shoes, but can still work out without hurting her feet.  Toni is also hoping that they will fit Badger, as he has had a lazy year, and it would be good for him to do some work.

We only went up-the-roar-and-back ... past the oily patch, as well.  DJ was yet again a good boy.  And with the sun shining, although my toes got cold, it was a lovely ride.

Once back I settled him, and then fed him outside, so I could take this photos ... and also sweep his box throughly.




Then back to his field - and the picture you saw in the 366 MEME.
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