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Last Wednesday Of The Year!

No - don't panic, you haven't missed Christmas, but Ros will be away for the next 2 weeks, so this was "our" last Wednesday of 2009!

When I arrived this morning it was to see DJ looking even muddier than yesterday - what does he get up to. Neither Badger nor Conrad were dirty - only DJ ... and as the only one of the trio working, it also meant the double work involved of him getting dirty, and me getting him clean only involved the 2 of us ... How sweet!!!!!

So (seemingly) hours later, we were ready, Toni had taken Junior out to her field and tacked but Smudge when Ros and Shadow arrived.

We went down the road to the Church and back via the village ... and what I must point out is that, out of 3 boys, only one of them was 100% perfect in the traffic ... and the winner was ... DJ. Yes, he was a good boy - but both the others spooked at assorted things this morning.

Once back he had a few moments to settle before having a feed, and another carrot ... and back out to his field, to roll (I'm sure!)
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