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Just Catching You Up - If You Want To Know ...

At long last I am getting round to updating about me! I keep saying I am going to, but haven't got around to sitting down in front of the pc, and focussing on typing.


I am, at long last, feeling a lot better - I finished a week of cough suppressant treatment today, and hadn't realised how tiring coughing was! I have had assorted coughs for years, but this last month was horrendous.

Now I have to wait to see if the week will have broken the pattern and allowed the lungs to heal enough.

The final diagnosis I had, btw, was that of flu - and the problem was that, having had the flu jab, the symptoms were not all present. so, I suppose, the good news is that if I hadn't had the jab, I would have been really ill! The penicillin kicked in though, and I am feeling vaguely human again.


Business is still poor, even though nothing has changed in my working status. So, it confirms I am making the correct decision in closing the busines.

New Carreer

As some of you know, I looked into driving instucting. It still seems a reasonable idea - but it is a lot of money, with no guarantee of a paid job at the end. Some of my hopes is to come out of being self-employed, and that would keep me in the same status.

I went for the interview, and passed, but although I said I would be in touch about signing up, I have heard nothing from them - which, again makes me question the business itself. However, as they don't know I have decided, at this point, not to go through with it, that door is still open!

I spoke to a couple of very un-helpful carrees officers - who both said, once I know what job I want they would help me. I thought they were meant to help show me what options were available.

However I also spoke to someone who was very helpful and positive - and has given me lots of links to look into. So, although at this point I have no real news, he gave me lots of starting points and places to explore - which I am gradually working through.


Having spoken to both Toni and kudagirl who gave different views, I also spoke to Mum and Dad.

I am concerned about their health - and admitted (to a small degree) that to them. They, however don't want me to move to the same address, but to get a job wherever I can - and then move ... and they want to downsize, so they will probably move nearer to me. The overall great thing about that is that they are still thinking of future plans, which is great - and are not crossing themselves off life.

It was the answers that I (selfishly) had wanted - but it was good that we were able to talk - and broach, to a small degree, painful subjects.

So - as you see, still lots of non answers - but still wanted to update you all. Thanks for those who have commeneted in the past - your support and friendship means a lot.
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