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30 Day MEME - Day 15 - A Fanfic

Suprise, suprise - you get a few of my favourite Spuffy fics listed - if I listed them all, I would still be typing at Christmas. There are so many - where do I start? Anyway - here are 4 of my favourite ones ... then a couple of my favourite Christmas ones ... seeing as it is a good excuse to get festive!

Actions Past by Dutchbuffy2305
Season 2 & 7 Buffy's keep swapping places.

Masks and Mirrors by pfeifferpack
Season 5 - Dawn's resurrection spell works .... but it is Spike's mum who returns.

Dreams & Desotas by Bloodshedbaby
End of Season 2 - Spike stakes dru and Buffy and Spike leave Sunnydal together.

Lost in Time by seductivembrace
The ultimate Time travel fic - Buffy and Spike and sent back, during the season 2 episode, Hallowean, into the past ... 200 years into the past.

Christmas Fics
Who Needs 5 Gold Rings by slaymesoftly
At the end of the series, Dawn starts looking on E-bay ... and spots a perfect pressie for Buffy - "his" ring

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by hollydb
Re-write of A Christmas Carol
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