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30 Day MEME - Day 14 - A Non-Fictional Book

Well, I have already rec'd my favourite non-fiction book ... The Bible. A book of poems, stories, winners & losers, love & hate ... a book read every day.

When I was a child my parents gave me The Oldhams Encyclopaedia for Children (1970) ... and I almost wore it out. I still have the book - and still adore reading it. Great basic facts on all sorts of things - but for some things, it is now a great book full of memories.

I have numerous anatomy books, of course - and loads of books on TV programmes, films etc .... but ultimately my non fiction book I am going to mention is - Before Endevours Fade. As I have mentioned in the past, I enjoy visiting War Cemetaries - and this is the definative guide for Northern France and Belgium, from the First World War. A brilliant guide, whether you are planning a trip, or not.
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