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Another Great Day To Be Alive!

Well I thought so - DJ had to work though, so maybe he wasn't as happy!  No - in all fairness I think he had fun.  He and Cherry seem to have come to an overall arrangement - they ignore each other!  So Ros and I chatted while we rode out towards the forestry.

When we got there we trotted up the main track and then crossed the road to another area where there is a lovely track where we could have a canter.  So that was fun - and DJ behaved himself ... whether he realises that Cherry is a thoroughbred and could travel faster, I don't know, but he just kept a nice easy pace going.

Mind you - it was warm, so he ended up having to get sponged down when we got home.  

Which meant that half way out to his field (the first bit of mud he found!) - he got down and rolled.  Most of the time I don't think he can be described as a dappled grey - dappled - yes, but brown, green, grey ... you name it, he seems to acquire it!
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