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Wednesday - So It Has To Be Dry

Ros and I have said this over the last couple of years that our weekly meeting on a Wednesday morning is usually dry.

In fact there had been little rain overnight, although DJs coat was still wet in places - and he had obviously recently rolled ... the darling!

When I went to get him today, he and Badger had a slight debate as to who I had gone to collect ... DJ won! Badger is a bit of a bully, but DJ, although he got psuhed away, didn't run away, so I was pleased he stood his ground, as he tends to be a softie.

I got him in, groomed and tacked up in time to meet up with Ros and Shadow. We only went "up the road" as she didn't have much time, and I wanted to get back to get this internet problem sorted out.

Still it was good - and DJ was brilliantly behaved ... and so he had his meal before going back out to his field, to actually spend a day in dry weather - which in itself is worth noting at present!
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