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Time For New Shoes .... Again!

As you saw in the 366 meme photograph, I brought DJ in yesterday morning - but just to have new shoes!

When I went to get him from his field, I was aware of a horse calling to me, and thought it sounded like DJ but as I couldn't see him, I thought it must have been Smudge, as he sometimes calls, and I can't see him in his field. However as I walked along, I was aware of Badger watching me, so I looked at him, and noticed that DJ had "moved home" over the weekend - yes, he was calling to tell me I was going the wrong way! So, I turned around and walked his way, to his accompanying calls ... telling me "About time you listened to me"

He had been moved, along with Conrad, in with Badger, ready for the winter.

So, in we walked, in the pouring rain ... as you can tell in the photo it isn't the best of weather at present!

I gave him a bit of a groom - mostly sparying ang combing his tail and mane ... the rest of the time, letting him relax.

When Ian arrived, it was still pouring, so we went into the barn, as he is normally shod outdoors, and the region in front of the stables was full of drying rugs! As there was no where to tie him, I stood and held him fr the hour.

So, a new set of shoes later ... and having had a feed I walked him back to his field ... now I knew where he lived! The great thing was that by now it had actually stopped raining, for a couple of hours, so he could go out, warmish ... and dryish, to get back to the serious business of eating!
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