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5 Word MEME - Twice

Yes, you know I like MEMEs so I volunteered to do this 5 word MEME thingy twice.

The rules are that you leave the word "Word" in your reply and then I will select 5 words that apply to you.
You then write about what those words mean to you.

I asked jaded_jamie and he gave me -
Cornwall.... Jiffy.... Parents..... Marsters..... LJ

And I asked kudagirl and she gave me -
Family.... Travel.... Home.... Blessings.... Camera

Cornwall – it is a Duchy with Prince Charles as the Duke of Cornwall. For many who live here it is considered a separate country, as it is surrounded on all sides by water, and has the origins of one of the Celtic languages still in existence.
For me it is the county I live in. The scenery is amazing and it is still fairly un-populated ... Great to see the place and relax, but bad if you are trying to run a business!

Jiffy – Mum and Dad’s Westie, who you may have spotted in a n occasional photo! He came to live with them when he was 9 weeks old, and 3 ½ years later I think he has them pretty well organised.
His name comes from a family joke – when I was 4 I was given the 7” record of “Black Sambo”. On side 2 there is the story of the rescue of his brother and sister – the eagle tells Sambo he will carry him to where the twins are “In a jiffy” ... I always wanted to know what a Jiffy was! Now I have met him, I still wonder!!!!!

Parents – They should be the people you love and respect – and the people who love, respect and care for you.
In the 10 commandments it is the only commandment that carries a promise _
“Honour your father and mother and you will live long in the land.”
Sadly not all parents deserve that, but I am very fortunate in that my parents have been very good to me.
In the years of being bullied, they were there and became, along with my brothers, great friends. I know how lucky I am that even though they are in the 80s they are still pretty healthy.
I am glad to spend my weekends with them, to know them and to be able to call them my parents.

Marsters – Obvious that one of my 2 friends would include something to do with James on my list. But, in keeping with the rules of the meme, and in thinking what I have typed about my own parents makes me wonder how James really does get on with his family. From what he has hinted he has had some good times, but also some sad times – I hope that the good times are those he remembers!
Fandom is something that took me completely by surprise – until I saw a season 7 episode of Buffy, by accident; I had never really followed an actor’s career. So, now looking for his next project, reading of his other fans, and planning the next time I get to see him, are things that appear so alien, but I love it.
So, as you can see, I am not boring you with the pages that I could write about!

LJ – came from looking for a Beta, which came from watching the end of season 7 and watching Spike die ... and wanting to correct that error.
In LJ-land I have discovered freedom to chat about what I want, when I want and not have people glare at me – or if they do, I can’t see it.
I have friends – a lot of them – real, meaningful ones. People who mean a lot to me, and make me hate the fact that I live in other continents to some!
And, of course, I have found new ways to follow James’ career.
And without LJ, I wouldn’t have met Jamie who set this question – and wouldn’t be typing the answer for you to read!

Family – Jamie has already asked me about parents. Kuda asked me about family. For me, as I hinted, bullying made my family into friends. My 2 brothers and I are pretty close, and my brother Tim is someone I would genuinely call a friend.
To take the word further, family is great – in that I know a lot about my extended family, and a couple of generations back. It is great to see where traditions come from, and how life comes from what is constantly behind, and around, you.

Travel – I love it.
I love seeing new places, and if ever I have my childhood dream come true of marrying a rich man (!) that is something I would do. I love seeing history around me, where places have been part of the development of an area .... the arts and skills of people in the past.
Seeing different cultures, hearing other languages- they all ahve something important to give.
And, in most cases, you bring home those memories and they either make you love home more ... or make you aim for your next trip!

Home – “is where the heart is”. I am a great believer in that phrase. I love the things around me that make my house a home. The pictures, ornaments, souveneirs. But, as you know, I am thinking of moving house ... that is not something that phases me, as the bits and pieces will be packed, travel and be un[acked, to make my new place my new home.
The home I grew up in was lovely – but I don’t have a “home town” like most, as I had no real friends – so we are back to family = home.

Blessings - there are so many ... where do I start?
I suppose I can honestly say that as I type this I think of such of my best blessings - and that is the friend who gave me this! She, and my other friends who will soon be reading this. Friends are something I have had few of in the past - and now realise how special they are.
There is so much to be thankful for - most importantly is my faith - to know that I am love by God is a real blessing.
I have family and friends - I have a roof over my head, food on the table, so much more. As well as the added luxuries of car, TV, heating - where do I stop with my list?

Camera – I had my first when I was 9, and have taken pictures ever since.
I wish I had the patience to practice more – next spring, I really must (remind me!)
When I owned Jaykub I was reminded how important pictures were. I had only had him 15 months when he died, and I was devastated, especially when I realised how few pictures I had taken of him. Since then, nothing escapes ... great to see your family and friends, when you aren’t physically together.
Photos are also great at solving the family debate – no one can argue with the photographic proof, can they??

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