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30 Day MEME - Day 4 - Favourite Book

Day 4, and again I am going to cheat and pick 2.

There are loads I could have chosen :-
Anne of Green Gables (and series)
Testament of Youth
Th Princess Bride
When we were very young and Now we are 6
.... to name but a few.

However the first book I am going to choose is technically a compilation of books.

It starts at the beginning of time and finishes with a hope of a future that is literally out of this world.
It has births, marriages & death; songs, laments & proverbs.
There are battles & peace treaties; family feuds & royal bloodlines.
There are individual stories of triumph, such as a poor girl who marries a prince and a slave who governs a country.
There are stories of torture and of travel.

So, have you guessed?

The Book that has been translated into more languages than any other, the most widespread, and one that, even though I read some of it every day, I realise I discover something new each time.

The Bible.

My second book is "slightly" more obscure.

It is a Edwardian love story of a rich lady who supports a missionary to Africa. It is in 3 sections
Gold - the story of how they meat, and the money she gives to support his work.
Frankincense - the story of their service to others. his to the people of Africa, and hers in supporting him with letters, and working with the poor in London.
Myrrh - the story of death. He is ill - will they be able to get past their misunderstandings before it's too late.

They meet as she goes to Church on Boxing Day, and hears the visiting vicar speak about the Wise Men ... The book is called "The Following of the Star" (by Florence Barclay), and this is why the 3 sections are so named - the gifts of the wise men.

One of the few books I have read many times - and still greabs my attention in the will they - won't they question.
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