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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
26th-Nov-2009 09:25 am
Spike - LiveJournal

I snagged this from kudagirl .... and although I should be doing the million and one tasks I set myself, it would have been rude to ignore the MEME ... wouldn't it?

1-My user name is _________ because_________.


Debris = I'm "slightly" accident prone, and the conductor of Bude orchestra gave me this name when he met me!
4 Spike = That's what I am a Spike fan and how I came to LJ-land.

2-My name is ________because________.

Deborah - My parents wanted a name from the bible, that was also around in the era I was born. I know quite a few Deborahs (all on LJ - waves) and we are all about the same age!

Jacqueline - My parents wanted a J theme as my dad is John, and everyone presumed I would be John if a boy - which my parents didn't want anyway! His middle name is James (yay!) ... and this is the femanine version!

They did debate adding Victoria as a 3rd name, but decided it would be toooooo long - although I would have loved it! Both may grandmothers had Victoria as their second name.

3-My Journal & Friends page title's are________because________.

Eternal Refuge = To combine my faith with my love of Spuffy!!!! Yes, it works.
The Spike - Buffy story, to me, is a love story. And from Spikes eyes he would do anything for her - eternally as he's a vampire - and let her take everything to him as her "refuge"
My faith - to me eternity is Heaven - I have an eternal life, after death with God ... and that is my refuge that I know is always there - something I CAN rely on.

My f-list is called My Friends - as I told Kuda, some of you are the people who I would call my closest friends I have.

4-My default user pic is_________becuase________.


I may have come to LJ a Spike fan ... but now it is everything about James! I took this photo this May at Union Chapel - and kazzy_cee made the icon as a special request. She has made quite a few of my specials, and I like her work ... and her willingness.
Its great to have a picture I took, of a man I love, done in a unique way. Thanks Kazzy!

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26th-Nov-2009 05:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks Jamie - yes Spike pulled me to LJ ... my friends (and James) keep me here!
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