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Terrible Twos Or Teenager ... A Tantrum Is Still A Tantrum

.... Even if it is in an eight year old horse!!

We didn't go far today - so DJ should have been happy.  It was raining and Junior had lost a shoe, so we just went a mile up the road and back.

Once home DJ went into his box - and I gave him his feed - and some hay, while I went to have a cup of coffee with Toni.

When I got back ...!!!! .... WOW - What a mess!

DJ's box looked like there had been a battle - or a tantrum!.

Hay was scattered around, the pile of straw in the corner was pulled down (but no, he hadn't used it to wee on, which is what it is for), his rope and headcollar, which were on the door were in the far corner of his box, with his bucket upsidedown in the opposite corner!

Of course as I walked towards him - the look of perfect innocence was on his face - and he strolled out to the field like a perfect angel!

But - a tantrum had been thrown - he just forgot to tidy up the evidence!!
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