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What a Pain!

Yes - I did say I would have a moan.  The trouble is I am starting to feel better again - so now feel guilty as I start typing this.  But for those who have read odd bits on my posts they will see me from time to time mention a back problem.  So really ought to fill you in.

This last week it has really caused me some grief - for no reason which is annoying.

However - 

I know that I am lucky to be alive, let alone walking, let alone symptom free most of the time.  So overall I am very thankful - just occasionally I get to screaming!!

Lets start at the beginning ... as the song says - "A very good place to start"

It was back in June 1982 ... 2 days before my 21st birthday, when I was at college in central London.  There was an underground strike on, so I used to catch the main-line train from where I lived in Upminster to Fenchurch Street station and then cycle to Trafalgar Square.

That was Ok on day 1 ... day 2 as I was cycling back along the Embankment, a taxi came from a left turning and turned (through red traffic lights) straight onto me.  He, at the time, admitted to doing over 40 mph.  Fortunately for me I had previously done 7 years of judo - and there is one thing you learn ... How to fall!

So - I literally walked into the ambulance that had been called, although I later found out I had been unconscious for a few minutes.  By the time I got to Barts Hospital, my right leg was numb - but nothing else really to notice, other than a graze on my left ankle.  The ambulance men had sung "Happy Birthday" to me - so that was good.

Sadly the hospiteal was busy - so a "silly student" who had got herself run over at lunchtime was the least of their worries!  They told me I was OK and dressed the graze and sent me home!

2 days later (my 21st) i went into college again as I had an exam.  I think my friends thought that I had jumped in front of the taxi to avoid getting the bumps!! They were also used to the fact that I am accident prone (hence my user-name here) - so wern't phased by me looking "the worst for wear".  The exam was OK - I passed, by the way!  By the next day I was aware how much my ankle itched - and I took off the dressing that was meant to be on for another few days to see... a mess.  I went to the doctors to fond out that I had an ulcer as the staff hadn't actually cleaned the graze!

Anyway the leg numbness increased and became painful - as did my back.  There is one major advantage that I have at this point, though - I am training to be an osteopath - and the principal of the college is my "local" osteopath .. So I go to see him for an assessment.

I had torn all the ligaments in my pelvis and low back on the right hand side.  I did judo left handed - so landing on the hip at about 40mph or tarmac, is not the easiest thing to do.

Anyway - 2 years of treatment starts.  As I said - great it's my profession as I get free treatment.  Also I can genuinely sympathise with my patients.  My osteopath (who I also worked for over the first 2 years after I graduated) was also great at re-training some of my working practice.

So really - 25 years on I have a scar on my left ankle (from the ulcer) which still itches from time to time; I have to wear a permanent heal lift to try to artificially re-balance my pelvis and I have a leg that goes numb if I drive for more that 45 mins at a time.   

BUT - that is all!!  

This last week I have had a really week leg - therefore I can't ride by myself as I have no control over DJ's sideways movement; but I don't know why.  Since I took up riding 12 years ago I have been so much better - so this is frustrating.

However I will finish as I started - I may moan, from time to time - but I am very lucky with how I am.

[A small note for those who are wondering - not a penny compensation.  In those days cyclists were considered as second class road users - and there were no big claims for anything!!]


Thanks for letting me ramble!!
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