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What A Waste Of 10 Minutes!

Well, today was my appointment at the hospital to get some treatment and advice from the physiotherapists, for by breathing problems.

As an osteopath I do often get annoyed with the physios, but I was looking foreward to hearing their take on my problems.

I got there and had a form to fill in, saying what the problem was I was there for. Her first comment was "Oh, you aren't in pain?" To which I agreed! She seemed upset (!) or maybe just lost.

She read the form again and then told me that she could give me some advice about coughing fluid out of my lungs - to which I had to ask "Why?", as that is not a problem!

Then she said she would teach me how to use my diaphagm and asked me to breath in and out - and then said, "Oh you use your diaphragm", to which I reminded her that I play a clarinet.

So she said, theres nothing I can think of, so "Good luck for the future" ... and stood up to shake hands!

Yes, that's it!

Oh well - as I have said before, I know there is nothing serious, just wish that I could get some answers to help to calm the surface of the lungs, which is what the actual problem appears to be.
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