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Time To Work Again!

I managed to make it out to see the boy today - what with illness, injury and torrential rain, we haven't got to meet up for over a week - I think he is OK about that - no Deborah .... no work ... and Toni still remembers to take out a carrot!

He came over this morning to me, which was lovely, and seemed happy to be coming in.

He had quite a long and thorough groom - and a bit of a cuddle.  so, he was truly pampered this morning.

Toni brought in Smudge and we only went up the road and back - as Toni is having the most horrific week possible -

Her aunt has died of cancer
Her mum (who has MS) has had a mastectomy
Her planning permission has been turned down
Her surgery date (for her wisdom teeth which is causing her excess pain) has been cancelled, as she has had food poisoning!

Then - I tell her that I am going to be moving next year!  Our friendship is such that I hated to tell her, as she is the one person I will miss not having nearby ... but it is also such that I couldn't not tell her.   Anyway, she actually had been expecting my news!!

So - a nice walk - although DJ was in a silly mood.  I think it's because he overheard Toni and I talking about him learning harness work - he decided to prove he couldn't do it!!!!

Still, it was a good (and dry) ride - and weall enjoyed the break.

So, back home, and fed, he went back to his field, where he proceeded to canter around bucking and leaping like a youngster!  It was lovely to watch.
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