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Work Update

I said earlier in the year I was going to re-think my life.

Well, as well as upsetting Mum and Dad by telling them I was going to see James on a Sunday, I also told them that if things don't pick up, then I was going to make the final decision to not re-register in May.

It costs over £1,100 a year, and in all honestly I can't affor it.  They give no reduction for financial hardship. 

It also means that my procrastination is over.  I have left things open until the New Year .... but if there is no change, then I shall be leaving my job - and thus selling this house.

The plan would then be to buy another house near Mum and Dad's .... and get on with the rest of my life.

However, today, I did go and look into the possibility of training as a driving instructor.

It looks a real possibility,as it would be something I could do, while still working as an osteopath .... and seeing what the future truly holds.
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