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What A Weekend!!!!

The weekend started off with a bit of an upset for Mum and dad - as I told them that I had made the decision to try to get a ticket to see James in London, even though it was ona Sunday.  Even the moral blackmail didn't change my mind.

So, Saturday progressed - cleaning for Mum and Dad in the morning .... Actually getting quite a bit done for them.  After dinner, Mum and I always go into Torquay - and as I did I had a stab of pain in my left (good) eye.  Hawever it was OK so we went in, I bought some boots and once homechanged into glasses as my eye was still sore.

As tea progressed, so did the pain in my eye.

So, I decided to go to Casualty.  The doctor I saw said I had some sort of infection and gave me cream and pain killers I went home - used the cream ... and pain, pain, PAIN!!!!!!  Dad drove me back as I couldn't think, let alone open my eyes .... Wow, incredible!

The doctor I then saw just gave me more pain killers - and an anesthaetic into my eyes.

So at least the pain had gone, but so had my vision - which is why I just haven't been on-line all weekend.

Pain had gone - but panic was in, I couldn't see the PC to get tickets for James - but I texted a friend, and had the promise that she would  try to get a ticket - so, all in all, I could now relax, while waiting for the following days appointment with the specialist.

Sunday morning - 11am ... 2 minutes silence, and also the appoinment time for the specialist!  A thorough examination and a diagnosis - a Chemical Burn!!!! 

How, When, Why?  Three very good questions!!!!

So more eye-drops, and pain killers and an appointment for Monday.

I slept some of the afternoon - but had a text message -

Yes, I have a ticket to see James ,....... Thank You spikereader - You are the best.  It meant a lot that I knew I could text you.

The funny thing is that until I was typing this I didn't actually know how much the ticket was!!!!  I still have to find out all the details, but I can't thank Caroyn enough.

Monday morning came - more rest, and a short walk with Jiffy, before going back to the hospital to find out that things are getting better.  I have another couple of weeks of treatment and have to have my contact lenses checked out, but all in all it is easing off OK!

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