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The "Resistance Is Futile" MEME

For those of you who don't know what I mean:-

• Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."

• I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity

• Update your journal with the answers to the questions

• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

So, I dared jaded_jamie to ask me 5 questions - they, and their answers are behind the cut.

One thisng I will say, Jamie, is that you have asked me the most difficult question I have ever been asked on any meme.... They were all interesting and a couple have made me think - but one has been pretty impossible to come out with an answer for ....

So, if you want to see what Jamie asked -

1: What is your favourite Hymn?

This was one of my hard choices.

For years the answer was easy - "What a friend we have in Jesus".  It was the hymn that meant a lot when I was a teen without friends .... and so much so I chose it to have at my 40th birthday party.

However I also like "When I survey the wondrous cross" ;  "And can it be" ; "In Heavenly love abiding" .  I do like some of the newer hymns as well- such as "God sent His son, they called Him Jesus (Because He lives)"

In fact those are just some of the many - I have gone to 2 or 3 services every single Sunday since I was born, and know hundreds.  Some I like for specific reasons as they remind me of people or places.  48 years of hymn singing - it's hard to decide!

2: You have to pick just one thing that you don't like about James Marsters. what is it?

This was the one that got me!  Yes, I laughed when I read it - but an answer is hard!

I read a lot of friends thoughts about James, have seen some of the comments about other comments as well - and things he does don't upset me - the patches, the assorted T-shirts, the torn jeans .... all of which I have read debates about.  They are who he is - if he is confident enough to be relaxed in what he wants, then I actually envy him.

So - until I can think of something different - what I don't like is that I wont ever get to meet him and spend time chatting to him over a cup of coffee.

Pathetic answer - but I honestly can't think of anything else!  If anyone remembers me moaning about something to do with James, feel free to remind me!!

3: Who is your favourite character, that is not the Doctor, in New Who and why? (Since it's return in 2005)

I really loved Martha - she is a strong character, with a brilliant brain - who was swept into another world by a gorgeous stranger.

She brought a balance to the Dr after he had lost his love, Rose, and sadly she realised that, how ever much she grew to love him, he would never see her in that light, so was strong enough to walk away.

It was great seeing her as part of a family, who loved her, but didn't understand her decisions all the time.

So, I suppose I see things in her that I can relate to - or maybe who I would like to be?

4: Why did you choose your career?

My mother saw an osteopath when I was 14 and we were on holiday.  When we came home she had another appointment with her local osteo.

A year later she returned, and he was chatting about the family - and mum said I was still trying to decide what to do ... he asked had I ever thought about being an osteopath .... as it turned out he was the Principle of the college!

I went for an interview ... took my A's and .... failed!!!!!!!  I wa, however offered a probational place on the course.  So I took that asan answer to prayer as to it being the place I should be.

btw - Colin Dove, Mum's osteopath, one of my lecturers, gave me my diploma when I qualified, I worked for him for 2 years and he also became my osteopath for 3 years when I was run over!

5: Please tell me your unhappiest memory of school...

Out of many - another hard choice.

Looking back I see the lonliness, but at the time didn't as much because I had a great family loving me.  So - I suppose the worst memory of school, at the time, was actually being pushed in the swimming pool, by the actual swimming teacher!!!  Our school had a rule that you had to go swimming every week - so I (with the help of the head of PE) managed to avoid her lessons and spent one year getting me into the water and swimming again - However, I still hate water - even to finding it hard to wash my hair under a shower!  But I am a strong swimmer!!!  (Well when I practice!!!!)

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