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More A Reminder For Me, Than Anything!

As I posted yesterday, life had been tough over the weekend - and although I had a positive focus, which meant I felt happier yesterday, it still felt hard to be me!

However, this morning's thought at the end of my Bible reading really kicked me up the backside!!

I read in Acts of Paul being in prison (un-justly, by Felix) for 2 years ... and the question was, "What would Paul have been thinking in those years, as he knew that Felix knew he was innocent of the charges"

And, it just reminded me that Paul, like Joseph before him, spent time in the wrong place through an assortment of reasons - yet, by the end of their lives, they had travelled amazing distances, and helped loads of people.

I really must learn patience.

Life isn't a straight line, and whatever you think will happen, may, or may not.

As for me, I must focus on the fact that my life and times and in God's hands .... and not think of my weird wishes that I know for a fact are impossible!  He has great plans - but they, and their timing, are still working out.  Staying positive .... which I am certainly re-learning is where I am at today!
Tags: bible, faith, personal

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