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Just Happy Today!

I am happy today - and really no great reason, but having read this question :-

So, tell me something that made you happy today, or if it is too early, tell me something that made you happy yesterday. Anything, no matter how little.   Come on, you know something did.

on jaded_jamies post early it made me realise how much I have moaned recently!

Yes, I still can't breathe - but I also know there is nothing wrong with me on a major scale .... the final diagnosis appears to be that the stretch receptors in the surface of my lungs are too sensitive!  So - I must remember that it isn't fatal - life is good.

No, I can't get to see James this weekend.  But again with a positive thought, the man himself was well enough to travel - so that's good.  And, a lot of my friends will be seeing him, so I can be happy for them.  They also get to have fun spending time with each other - so that's great, and I am happy (but jealous)!!!

I rode today with Toni - and although we both get on well with Ros, it hasn't been the same.  toni and I have an amazing friendship - until I met her I didn't know what the concept of "best friend" meant.  So, it was great - and she herself made a similar comment, which did wonders for me as well.  Although I know I am her friend, the doubts of years of bullying are still hard to shake ... which is stupid!!!

Add to that the sun is shining, and it is fairly warm - that always makes you feel good, doesn't it?  And I have washing drying on the line - which is something you can't better.

So, yes, lots to be happy about - Hope that life is going well for you, and that you can think of something positive to report.

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