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Not The Hardest Day In A Pony's Life

DJ was really pleased to see me today - he does try to imply that even though it is a week since I had been there (yes, my breathing was bad at the beginning of the week), that it also means he hasn't had anyone make a fuss of him, or more importantly, no one has given him a carrot.  However, before you contact the RSPCA on his behalf, let me assure you, Toni gives him a carrot and a fuss every afternoon!

Anyway, we strolled in, as I wasn't in a hurry. 

Then the problem came to light - the lock on his tack area and grooming kit was jammed.  I went and got oil, no good.  So, I spoke to Toni, and her husband came out with WD40 to release it.  As I was finding it hard to breathe, I said I would just give him a groom, and then later, Pete would come out with the angle grinder and cut through.

So, I borrowed one of Toni's brushes, and gave DJ a groom.  He is getting very fluffy, so it is a time of making sure he is OK and clean, without changing the natural oil balance in his coat.

I then did his tail and mane, using spray, and my fingers.  A very efficient way to comb it, but does take a bit longer.

As I finished Toni brought in Smudge and asked if I had hammered the lock - so she did .... and it opened!!!!!!   So much for technical ability!

Ros arrived before DJ was tacked - even though I didn't plait.

We only went "up the road and back" - and that was tough at the crossroads, as there were electritians replacing pylons.  So, it may have been short, but it was also busy!

DJ came back very warm, as his winter coat is growing well.  So, I let him settle ... well gave me a chance to chat to Toni, before I fed him and took him back to his field.
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