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So Near .... Yet, So Far

Yes - James this coming 2 weekends!

I don't have the money to go to see him, and although that was a decision I reluctantly made a few weeks ago, and am sticking to, it is hard to read about people I know who will be going.  Friends will be there - who I shall miss seeing, as well.

Overall I know it is right, but doesn't stop me feeling sad ... and then as my clock-radio switched on this morning, it was a sad song playing.  Just what I need!

I know a lot of my friends have never even met James for the first time - so I am going to focus on the good thing of having met him already ... and try to look forward to February and the chance to see hi again.

I do sincerely hope that all my friends will have a great time - I shall miss you, and miss being there.

Have fun ...

... and give my love to James!
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