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Shag - Snog - Marry - Cliff

I opted to do this MEME again (having done it last year) and lupina78gave me

James Marsters
John Barrowman
David Tennant
Kevin Sorbo

Comment to this post and receive 4 options (actors/singers/so on, so forth). You must then decide which of the 4 options you would: Shag, Snog, Marry and Throw off a cliff

James Marsters - Come on, do I have to write it!!!! - OK - Marry


Great actor, lovely song writer, super voice, gorgeous eyes, cheek bones ... and a giggle.  Do I have to continue!!

David Tennant - Shag


It was a hard choice between these 2, but although I like Kevin Sorbo as Herc, and in Andromeda - I love the range of David tennant that I have seen - and in interviews, he always seems happy ... so, seems more fun - !!!!!!!!!

Kevin Sorbo - Snog


John Barrowman - Off a cliff


Yes, sorry but that was the other incredibly easy choice - I know a lot of my f-list are fans, but for the life of me, I can't see why!!!

Thanks, Andy!
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