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You Never Know What Is Round The Next Corner!

This morning Toni and I took DJ and Smudge round the block - a short ride, just to get them out and pretend they are "working" animals.  

Although for DJ it must be hard work as he carries half of the mud of his field around with him.  Yes, as fast as I brush him he gets down and rolls again.  Still this morning he also managed to bring in a couple of stones in his hooves.  He usually does that - why (and how) I haven't a clue.  When he was at the stables he was the only one who did this on a regular basis.  Today one of the stones was stuck - and as I managed to free it, the stone moved suddenly and ... ouch ... me, not him ... I bent my thumb (and the nail) backwards!!

I saw Toni later on in the day - and ... somehow she has got me to agree to take DJ to a show ... The only advantage is that as it is a week after "Cardiff" I shall have that to take my mind off my nerves ... but then ... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took him to a show 3 years ago - but that was an equine one, and he was in an early class so we rushed then and "threw" him (and me in)! ... This is an agricultural show - so lots more different things going on - and 2 different classes he is in ... and I know Toni will try to persuade me to jump him.  If my nerves keep together - then at least I can help him with his - But ...

So, for now I must keep thinking ... Cardiff, James, Cardiff, James ....  Not that I really need an excuse to do that, anyway!
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