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Quick Goodbye!!!

I know I didn't get the pictures of Stacey & John's wedding posted - they were loaded onto Photobucket - so will do it some time ina couple of weeks time.

I have just about got sorted - Kai is home and my case is "there" ... I think.  I just have this dreadful feeling I have forgotten something vital.

I have only just had the final totals for the orchestra accounts - so won't be able to get them done now ... yes, you guessed it ... my "friend" Barbara strikes again!

Oh well, a couple of patients today - now the final check before driving to Mum and Dad's, via Tim and Claires ... and then ...



I shall be away until late on the 9th - so really the 10th - If anything happens, remember so you can tell me!  Especially if it is James related!

(Comments are disabled, otherwise I will get distracted!!)

Hope you all have fun - and behave yourself while I'm away!


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