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Having A Busy Morning

... Good thing that we had time for a cuddle before we went out!

Yes, I was slightly early this morning and DJ was relatively clean, so I was able to have a 5 minute cuddle with him - I think he was upset when I had to wake him up to say it was time to meet Ros and Shadow!!

We went down to them, and then ontowards the Church ... having to stop as there was a huge tractor-trailer coming up the road ... I think the thing that upset DJ about that was that it was loaded with hay ... but ot going in his direction!

We then went past the Church and walked up the canter track - Ros is still unsure of cantering Shadow out and about.  DJ took the lead - and was great.  When we got to the end we had to stop suddenly as a huge lorry hurtled past.  It is a very narrow road, so we were just glad that we were still on the track, and not on the road.  It was the recycling van, and we ended up seeing it 3 times!  The last time he was going at a decent pace.

Then on our way (uphill) and home ... only to be stopped by a car driver who was lost!

So - all in all a busy morning.  DJ returned quite hot, as his winter coat is growing now, yet it was still fairly warm.

So time to cool, before a feed and then back to his filed - to tell conrad of his adventure - and no doubt, have a roll!


I did tell DJ he had been so good he would have 13 days break ... sounded good - but it is a weeks holiday and a long weekend (don't tell him I would have had the time away however he had behaved!!)
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