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366 MEME - Day 226 - Jiffy 
28th-Sep-2009 10:29 am
Jiffy - named

Hectic as yesterday was, I still had to find time to play with Jiffy - the weather was too nice to ignore!


28th-Sep-2009 03:20 pm (UTC)
Jiffy looks like he was very grateful.
28th-Sep-2009 04:18 pm (UTC)
Oh Jiffy is truly a party animal!
28th-Sep-2009 04:27 pm (UTC)
If you don't give me that dog, so help me I will have him kidnapped! X-D
28th-Sep-2009 04:53 pm (UTC)
He now has a 24 hour guard!
29th-Sep-2009 08:51 pm (UTC)
Jiffy just can't take a bad photo!!
30th-Sep-2009 03:33 pm (UTC)
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