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Do I Need To Worry ... Hope Not!!

It was great to see the message on JMLive from James -

Thank you to all my good friends who came to Atlanta. I had a wonderful time at Dragon Con - especially loved the storm trooper outfit, which many people came together to give me. Next time you see a storm trooper it might be me! I look forward to seeing you all in London [the next event] and other future events.

I had read a few of the reports - both while you were there, and since friends got back - so good to see James saying he had a good time.

Then my slight worry - Event in London - is that the February one ... or are we to gain one ... Whatever, my main panic is that the details will be released while I'm on holiday, and won't have a chance at getting a ticket.

My thing about James fandom is to worry about not getting the next tickets - silly of me, I know.  But I know there are others who feel the same.

Oh well - I must keep telling myself, if I'm in Corfu and can't get a ticket - then that's what will have to happen.

Glad he's planning something, anyway!

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