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Just Catching You Up With "Me"

What a weird week - not much work - so it really confirms that when I get back from Corfu, in about 3 weeks, I have got to get serious about life changes.

Kai is behaving himself, so that's good news, I think he likes his holiday here, as I let him sleep on the sofa during the day!!  We have had a couple of walks today - and one was to got to the bank to order my Greek money ... and collect my shoes for the wedding - yes, for those who remember, my heels got done - and in fact they decided not to charge me because of the confusion - so win-win.

On a good note, I had a Google-alert this morning with a couple of promo-pictures of James - looking great.  He is in one episode of a show called,  Lie To Me  , which will actually be shown while I'm on holiday - not that I get it anyway, but I shall also miss the squee, here and on CDS ... Still the link does show a nice James-pic ... so click, and enjoy!

Well, I had better get on with my ironing - it's drizzling here, so hope it clears up before I take Kai round the block.

Tags: corfu, james, kai
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