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The Icon Meme - Again

1. Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.

2. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!

I have done this meme a few times now - but I do love my icons, and like reading why other people use the ones they do. Behind the cut are 6 icons that fenchurche picked for me - and amazingly, one of them is one that always gets chosen!!

This one was made especially for me by alwaysjbj when I asked for a couple of icons to use when I do a post/comment about work. She adapted the Australian Chiropractic Association logo - and I love this image. Using the actual title, as well as the image of what my profession represents - treating the whole body.

This is the one everyone asks about - one of the few I have made for myself. It is a viw taken through the damaged walls of Tintagel Castle (about 1/2 hours drive from me), and shows the cliffs, and the Atlantic ... the view that I actually have around me all the time I am in Bude.

Jiffy is Mum and Dad's West Highland terrier- who is now 3 1/2, and has regular pic scams filling up your LJ's. jaded_jamie keeps threatening to steal him, as he thinks he is a cutie - but instead he made me 3 beautiful icons, showing "sir" - This is the first of the set.

This is now my default icon and was especially made for me by kazzy_cee who has made quite a few of my specialist icons. She made me one a couple of years ago, where the colours changed - and I love that effect, as it is quite unusual to all those I see. So, I asked if she could update the last one - which she did, using a photograph that O took of James at Union Chapel this May.
My default used to be a Spike one - but since my first concert 2 years ago, it is James!

This one is one I actually "designed" but snowgrouse made for me. It is from a BBC TV series called Blakes 7 - and was on from 1978 - 1982. A sci-fi series, with great characters, reasonable plots, wobbly scenery - and the most amazing one liners ... This is one near the start of season 1, by a person called Vila. My favourite character (an anti0hero who wore a lot of balck leather ...!!!), had some great lines - My favourite of his is :- "Regret is part of being alive, but make it a small part"

Another specialist one made by kazzy_cee I play a clarinet in an orchestra - and asked her for an icon ... its hard to get a long instrument into a square ... but this is lovely.

Sorry - I can't get the cut to work - my brain must be fried in the shock of the sunshine we have had over the last couple of days!!

As ever, I do offer if anyone wants to know about any others of my icons - you only have to ask.

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