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Thank You

To All Those Who Wished Me A Happy Birthday - yesterday - Thanks I had a great day ... will report later!

But do especially want to thank 3 on my f-list :-

downunderdeb - for my "party hat" ... well I had a new dress for the day, so I think that completed the outfit very well!

elisi for a fic rec - "Falling Debris" ... I think this is a great idea for a present to someone. Haven't yet read it, as I was half way through re-reading "Fixing The Factors" last night, but will read ASAP.

And finally a HUGE Thank You to spikereader for my suprise parcel that was waiting when I got home. As I can't have the man himself Carolyn sent me the next best thing - Him reading 2 of the Dresdon books - Huge hugs and Thanks.
Tags: birthday, f-list
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