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Meeting Up With Ros Again

Things were easier today - but whether that was that Ros and I were determined to enjoy ourselves; or whether it was that Cherry only had to cope with one horse - DJ (and you all know how perfect he is!) - I don't know.

We went to the woods again, but Ros didn't want to canter - maybe she is just very wary of Cherry and how she will respond, which is what caused some of the tension last week.  It was a nice time, altho' by about 1/2 way through Cherry was getting angsty again.  We continued and by the time we were home she was settling - so all in all I was glad I went.

DJ needed sponging down when we got back and as he was very hot the scarred ulcer on his neck (from Strangles) was quite swollen - but it is so good to be reminded that he survived the experience and now only has a visible swelling occasionally, so I count our blessings .... The swelling didn't stop him from digging into his lunch rapidly though!!

As soon as I took him back to his field he took the opportunity to get down and roll - well as he was sponged down the mud clung much easier to him, didn't it?

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