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Life Is Pretty Good Today

Having posted a couple of pictures of a sparkling clean boy yesterday, I thought he would show me how dirty he could get - But I was wrong.  Still sparkling today, although there were a few patches of mud, which meant he had done some rolling at some point.

I spent some tome combing and conditioning his tail.  It is almost to the ground, but once the bad weather starts I will be cutting off about 6", otherwise the ends damage, and that it turn damages the whole tail.  So, it was lovely to spend some time on it, while it is at it's maximum length.

As the sun was out it was a case of fly-spray as well as tacking and plaiting.  Toni brought Smudge, and Ros and Shadow came down to meet us and we just did our mile up the road and back stroll, as I had to be back early.

DJ walked out well - and was a good boy, so at present I think he is just feeling happy about life.

Once back, groomed, de-pliated and fed, it was off to his field to enjoy a long weekend off - and with a great weather forecast, he should have a lovely time.
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