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Bizarre Week - You Can Say That Again ... And It's Only Tuesday

It started Sunday evening, as I was driving back from Mum and Dad's - I felt a little bit "icky".  For tea we had some sandwiches, and normally when Mum makes them, I either have seperate, or she uses the margerine that I have ... today she did neither - When I asked her on Monday, she just said she forgot.  Well, I have always been allergic to butter - and butter-milk (so can't have spreadable marge, either).  As it was ham and salad I hadn't noticed the flavour - but I then spent the next 24 hours aching and shivering as my body argued with the spread.

Annoying - Mum should know that, after 48 years, but she has been stressed, so I can't even moan at her!


I then went to orchestra - to collect the terms subs, as I'm not playing for the next concert and Barry (the conductor) has got cover - When I got there he asked why I hadn't brought my cllarinet as he had spoken to the normal 2nd last week, and she had promised to pass on the message ... she is the one that caused me probles earlier in the year, if you rmember.

So, sad to say, I now don't think I will eve trust her again. 

Barry realised what had happened, and so I wasn't in trouble ... but it is so, so annoying that she does this.  Barbara is one of those annoying people who "smile" - I have tried hard to be positive, but this is it!!


When I felt vaguely human yesterday, I walked into town, to take my 366 picture and drop my shoes off at the cobblers.  I have bought a new pair for Stacey's wedding (Toni's daughter - and the reason I'm not at the concert); and had to get the heals altered.  The day before my 21st birthday I was run over, and since then have had the heals of one shoe alterd by 1/4" to compensate for the damage to my pelvis.  So, since 1982, every pair of shoes I buy, has cost me more before I can wear them!

So, off I went, and there's a new guy working at the shop - I walked in and put them on the table, and asked for the work - to which he said it couldn't be done as it throws the balance of the shoes off!!  Yes - I agree.  But having done this for 27 years it was hard for me to remain polite!  He has said he will speak to the area supervisor - and get back to me.  I have asked for it A.S.A.P.  as I rarely buy "girly" shoes - now I have, I want to wear them!!


So - suprise, suprise, I had a bad nights sleep - and real depressive thoughts.  Life was tough this morning - but that is just to be expected, and at least I know the final trigger for the sadness.


Now it's this afternoon - and I am fighting back the sadness - while watching it rain!!

Sorry for the winge - but wanted to put the day behind me - and focus on the good things in life.

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