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Pretending To Be An Oreo!

DJ was more than happy to see me this morning - he looked very clean, as he had been in a power-shower all night long.  Puddles everwhere, and one polished, but tired, pony!  So, the carrot was a welcome gift.

We walked in and I groomed him, tacked him up, plaited him ... then Ros and Shadow arrived, as Toni was running late.  She brought in Junior and then the 6 of us headed off for a short, but breazy walk round the block.

It's funny but we all shuffle our order a lot, now, however today it was quite so we rode 3-abreast a lot of the time ...

.... With DJ as the cream in the chocolate sandwich - both Junior and Shadow are dark bay (brown) in colour.

As we were getting back the wind finally loosened DJ's clean mane, so he came back looking very, very windswept!

A feed and another carrot - then back to the field, and more rain forecast!!
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