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Male Anatomy - Up Close!!!!!!!!

DJ has had a nice long weekend off, but overnight it had rained - so at least he looked "shiny", even if a little tired!

Still, his day started off with a first for me (and probably for him) ... Last week Toni noticed, when he stopped to wee, that he was a little scabby on a certain section of his anatomy ... So, my first job of the day - learning more about male anatomy than a well-brought up lady should have to discover!!!  I had brought along some hot water, and a mild antiseptic - so a bowl and a towel ... and 5 minutes later, one clean boy!!  He was incredibly good, considereing I had never actually done that task before.  DJ has never had a problem in the past, and neither did Jaykub!

So, once that job was done (and a carrot given), I continued to groom and plait him.

Just as I was finishing, Toni brought in Smudge and together the 4 of us ent off to meet Ros and Shadow.

It was great to catch up - lovely weather ... and a chance to chat.

We went down to the Church and up the hilly path by the woods ... and all 3 boys behaved brilliantly.

Just as we were getting back, there was a sudden shower of rain - but by the time DJ had eaten his feed, it had stopped, and we were able to stroll back to his field in the dry - I bet he couldn't wait to tell Conrad all about his morning!!
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