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In A Rush!

Yes - just got back from my long weekend at Mum and Dad's and as I got there Thursday eve I am way behind with a lot of you - although have tried to catch up from time to time.  So if I've missed anything point me that way, please!

Have a good weekend -

I got to see Eric (our neighbour) whose diagnosis of kidney cancer has now been changed to a new syndrome, that was only discovered a month ago - so he has no news as to what treatment is available!

Gardening got done - Church had me on Sunday.

Today the 4 of us went to Torquay harbour for a walk - pics to follow.

That's about it - nothing startling, just a nice time.  Hope that everyone else had a good weekend (& Monday, for those who didn't have the Bank Holiday)
Tags: jiffy, mum and dad, torquay

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