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What Planet Does Your Name Come From?

Snagged from auntiero 

She had the result of The Moon, which did suit me - I don't know about Saturn, though.

Your Name Comes from Saturn
You are a hard worker, and you take your responsibilities seriously.
Some people may find you to be cold, but your sense of humor is hard to pick up on at first.

You have always been an old soul, and you tend to be the teacher in most relationships.
You are often too hard on yourself but only because you are trying to be the best person possible.
What Planet Does Your Name Come From?

However, I have just had a note from lupina78  that if I abbreviate my name, I get the answer I wanted!!!!
Your Name Comes From the Moon
You are a moody person, and you are constantly seeking balance in your life.
You feel connected to all beings. You are very sympathetic and understanding.

You are very influenced by who is around you. Too much negativity is certain to overwhelm you.
You are happiest when you are alone with nature, especially when you're around water.
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