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Just A Me Update!

Hi - How's your week going so far.

Life is pretty OK - some highs and lows, but more up than down, so all in all that's good.

The week started not too great, but then spending a lot of Monday evening "chatting" to a friend made me wake up inspired on Tuesday morning to get life organised.  Business is still slow and I really need to get some decisions made - so I spent some time working on my CV ... didn't get it finished, but contacted another person re references, and getting details sorted out.  So, although not done yet, I am a further step on the way - and want to get it completed next week (nag me if I don't!!)

I was sad on one of my Bible readings - reminding me how I am single; but I also realised that being sad is OK, that is where I am at present.  Maybe I won't always be like this ... maybe I will.  Either is OK, because it is who I am.

Last night I saw Sylv (and Sharon and Chris - the 3 of them were at school together).  It was a great evening, and the good news is (for those who remember), Kay is doing well - they are hoping to reduce her medication, and she may not need that 3rd operation.  So, at 15 months old, life is truly looking up.  Sadly, Sylv had a miscarriage last week, so she wasn't feeling all that great in herself.

This afternoon I saw the specialist - and yes, the hospital tests I had 2 weeks ago, were all clear.  The doctor thinks that the reason I have occasional breathless episodes is that having a hobby of playing a clarinet and suffering with asthma, means that my sub-conscious is quite focussed on my breathing.  Therefore, from time to time, my lungs feel they need an extra help - and it is this that catches me out from time to time.  So - good news.

Well, I think that's a quick catch-up.  Hope life is well with you!
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